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Swine flu mutation
Viruses mutate constantly, this is nothing unusual. Daily mutations take place.
The normal flu virus continues to mutate and develop into different types of the virus.
For this reason, every year a new flu vaccine is developed, the maximum number of actual combat flu variants.
The swine flu virus has a high mutation capability. So there is definitely a danger that the virus mutates.
If you are simultaneously in the body of a host, two similar viruses, then this mix and create a new mutated virus.
Currently, this could happen to the swine flu and avian flu. If a bird has become infected with the swine flu is simultaneously infected with the bird flu pathogen, it can be a mutation.
Swine flu H1N1

swine-flu pathogen-klein H1N1 is a type of influenza in humans occur.
Swine flu is of type H1N1.
The H1N1 virus can easily enter the cells of the human body to penetrate and for this reason is very contagious.
A type of H1N1 was the cause of the flu pandemic of 1918 (Spanish flu).

Swine flu H3N2
swine influenza H3N2 H3N2 is a type of influenza viruses.
H3N2 is mainly all of Europe and in America.
The H3N2 virus was also the trigger of the "Hong Kong flu" in the year 1968.
Swine flu virus
swine influenza virus-klein The swine flu virus is an influenza virus.
The name of the swine flu virus is H1N1.
For the first time is the swine flu virus in Mexico in mid-April when a person has been found.

Swine flu emergence

Swine flu influenza About the emergence of flu to pigs up to now only conjecture. Generally speaking, that man is always in a pig with swine flu could infect.
However, there is about the disease in the swine flu by mid-April 2009 only a few documented cases.

Swine flu laboratory
swine flu vaccination There are rapid tests within 15 minutes to demonstrate whether a patient has a flu or not.
To prove that a patient has flu, pig, a laboratory, a study in a sample make.

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