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Private Health Insurance

Many questions exist on the subject was when I paid my health insurance company in the swine flu vaccination, or becomes ill as I leave? Is there a difference between a private health insurance and the law? In this paper some of these issues should be clarified.

Swine flu vaccine:

When a vaccine is generally not a practice to charge! Here, it does not matter where or how it is insured. The fee is definitely not. The cost of the vaccine will also be covered by health insurance.

Quick Test:

The rapid test is also covered by health insurance. Again, it does not matter what type of insurance you have.

Blood Test:

Because the rapid test can only prove that you have influenza, many patients want to take a blood test. Through the blood test can then be detected whether the patient has the swine flu or not. The statutory health insurance companies do not accept this laboratory costs. The cost for the test approximately 170th - EUR. In the private health insurance, it is possible that these costs are borne. Here, it depends on what you have signed for a contract. Moreover, it is negotiable. Who wants to know whether their private health insurance covers the cost of the test, which was to inquire by telephone.

Conclusion: Actually, there are no major differences. Whether you have a private health insurance or a legal blood test in which only plays a role. And even then it may be that the patient remains seated even when PKV on the cost. It is positive that generally will not be charged by the vaccine.

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