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Swine flu incubation
Swine flu incubation Declaration on the concept of incubation period:

Under incubation period is the time may pass until the first symptoms occur.
When a man with a contagious disease and the incubation period of 1-4 days, then joined the first symptoms of the disease within 1-4 days.

Incubation swine flu

The incubation period in pigs 1-4 days of flu in humans.
Contagious disease may have on the first day. So at the beginning of the incubation period.
When you slip, the incubation period of swine flu also 1-4 days.
So if you are from a trip from a region prone to return after 5 days and no symptoms occur, you can be fairly sure that you are not infected, since the incubation period of swine flu is already over.

One may, with the flu drug oseltamivir successfully combated. In the drug Tamiflu, this active substance.
If you experience the first symptoms occur, you should contact a physician. This can then make a quick and you within 15 minutes if you notice a flu have.
If yes, then your doctor will prescribe the medication. Tamiflu causes the flu virus is no longer so easy to proliferate in the body.
Your immune system, the flu can be easily combated. (jumi [* 5] [incubation])

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