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Swine flu pandemic
Swine flu pandemic A pandemic is a worldwide epidemic.
The pandemic is a clustering of cases of disease occur in a period around the world.
There is a risk of pig influenza pandemic. Currently you can but not from a swine flu pandemic.

The disease spreads in a pandemic that is all over the world and not just in some places.
1918 saw the worst pandemic. At the time, died at the "Spanish flu" over 25 million people.
A few years ago there were fears that the avian influenza pandemic could expand. This was thankfully not the case.
We are experts are worried that pigs on a flu pandemic could be. Fortunately, today there are very good preventive measures.
Even if a pandemic should break out, it will probably run quite lenient.

Current situation of potential swine flu pandemic:

Am 01.05. The WHO pandemic warning on 5 of 6 levels increased.
If the level increases to 6, then according to the definition of the WHO to swine flu pandemic outbreak.

Based on the current news situation is hoped that there will be no swine flu pandemic will happen.
In Mexico, calmed the situation of the epidemic, apparently. Am 04.05. the alarm level in Mexico City from red to orange lowered.
However, there remains a risk swine flu pandemic. In the United States is a possible second wave of flu pigs warned. (jumi [* 5] [pandemic]) - 04.05. slight complacency from Mexico City. The number of infections is slightly.

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